L’Italienne is the first commercially available absinthe created and distilled by Stefano Rossoni.

Produced in Valle d’Aosta (Italy) according to the most authentic protocols, L’Italienne is the most floral absinthe on the market. While developing it, Stefano Rossoni was inspired by the floral and feminine style of absinthes, made famous in the Belle Époque by the premium brand Premier Fils.

This absinthe is characterized by a lower anise profile that allows the complex and subtle floral bouquet to be fully appreciated. While not in the forefront (like in Pontarlier-style absinthes) the sweet anise provides a solid background and a fully opaque louche, necessary for an absinthe to be considered authentic.

L’Italienne greets the nose with warm honeysuckle notes, sweet anise and hyssop; the taste is dry, very perfumed and complex, with floral wormwood, lavender and powerful Italian fennel upfront.

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