L’Ancienne is Stefano Rossoni’s most ambitious project.

Pre-Ban vintage absinthe is unanimously acknowledged by absinthe experts as the gold standard for absinthe, thanks to its amazing room-filling aroma, creamy mouth-feel, astonishing complexity and the smoothness acquired with more than 100 years of aging.

Unfortunately, Pre-Ban absinthe bottles are extremely rare (their prices can reach several thousands of dollars) and for this reason they’re a treat that few people can afford.

Other skilled absinthe distillers have already tried to reproduce how different brands of Pre-Ban absinthe tasted back in the 19th century, when they were a couple of years old and savored by absintheurs all around the world. Stefano Rossoni decided to push the envelope, trying to reproduce how Pre-Ban absinthe tastes NOW, after more than 100 years of aging turned it into the “holy grail” everybody talks about.post-34-1301791741

L’Ancienne is the result of years of research and experimentation with ancient techniques and herbs cultivars. It is personally distilled by Stefano Rossoni in micro-batches, using the finest custom-distilled wine alcohol, Pontarlier wormwood, selected florence fennel, green anise, moldavian melissa, hyssop and petite absinthe.

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